Wendy W.

My daughter is now 4 years old and we are still attending swim classes here each week. My daughter can now swim freestyle, backstroke and is learning breaststroke. She competed in her first swim competition at waterworks this summer and had an amazing experience. Current and former swim teachers came over to cheer her on. She had so much fun! I can't believe my 4 year old swims well enough to race across the whole pool on her own and even more importantly, she loves swimming. The teachers continue to be fun and age appropriate for each phase my daughter goes through.

In a few days my son will start classes at waterworks. The desk staff was so helpful as I tried to decide what would work best for our family. How do we make this work for two kids and now school and my work schedule too? They helped me weigh options, costs and look at schedules. They were even willing to be a little creative with me and try an unconventional schedule to meet my needs. In the end they were able to provide an optimal solution that works for our family and our schedule. I highly recommend this place for your swim lessons.