T. A.

am so glad that I picked this swim school for my children! Ages 5 and 8 and both are doing great! Tywon has been a wonderful instructor. He's patient and friendly, but firm. Which is what I look for in people who work with my children. There are other instructors who work here as well and they all seem nice and friendly. I was having a hard time trying to find a swim school that fit my budget while at the same time offering the right amount of classes. Another swim school I was looking at offered 8 classes for 350$, and that was for a group class!

I'm glad I gave Waterworks Swim School (Torrance Location) a try. I haven't been disappointed. My five year old went from being afraid of putting his whole body in the pool to now being able to jump in on his own and rolling over into a back float. And my eight year old went from knowing very little to now learning side breathing. I am very thankful for Tywon and all that he has taught my children. I get feedback at the end of each lesson on what I should help my kids work on and tips on how to do it. Thank you Tywon and Waterworks!