Sheri B.

This review is long overdue, but I just want to be able to let you know how incredibly happy I am to have enrolled my son in Waterworks Swim at the Alhambra/LA Fitness location.

I was referred to Waterworks by a good friend of mine. Initially I thought that the Pasadena one was the one I had to attend based on location, but I was extremely happy to find they have a 'satellite' class held at the LA Fitness over in Alhambra. Much closer to where we live!

Anyways, my entire family is extremely pleased with the instructors available at this location! My son usually works with Marlene, but on occasion will take lessons with Bee (Bianca) if Marlene isn't available. They both teach the same way and they are so sweet and patient with my 7 year-old son. When the lesson's over, they take the time to go over what they worked on, his overall progress, and what to expect from future lessons. He absolutely loves the both of them, and so do I! They are fantastic and highly recommended.

In addition, their lead swimming instructor Danny is pretty awesome as well. If he's not busy, he'll take the time to assist Marlene during my son's lesson! It's like two instructors for the price of one!...