Shelby R.

We've had a great experience at Waterworks Aquatics. My daughters have taken swim lessons at rec centers and private pools for years in Colorado, and I was tired of going back summer after summer, only to see the teachers asking my kiddos to blow bubbles in the water for the umpteenth time! It has been so refreshing and such a pleasure to watch my girls progress quickly and noticeably within a short time. I began with semi-private lessons with Miss Gaby, who is a delight to work with and an excellent teacher. Gaby is so communicative and effective in being fun while teaching. Since she progressed so quickly, I moved my older daughter to private lessons, and also had great experiences with Miss Jessica, Miss Makala, and Miss Jackie.

I've also been so appreciative of the company's communication: I've received phone calls every time a change is made in the schedule (for example, when our regular instructor is out for the day), follow-up calls to see how we're liking our experience and to ask whether I have questions or concerns, and even calls to get free lessons.