Sabina G.

As our children have gotten older, we have been to numerous swim schools (3 in all), and Waterworks Aquatics is by far, the most SUPERIOR swim school we've attended. The facility is OUTSTANDING with its multiple pools to accommodate all ages (we should have started with them 5 years ago-I wouldn't have had to change schools) from infants to adults. The numerous shower stalls available to rinse off and change (privately) are an added bonus. The monthly swim meets are a lot of fun, and I am always amazed at how such young children can swim with so much skill, not to mention the older children who are equally impressive. But most important, the teachers are EXCELLENT (many of them still swim competitively) and the office staff is AWESOME-personable, warm, friendly and accommodating to our needs. My son insisted for so long that he cannot float on his back ('because he'll sink') but with gentle persuasion and positive reinforcement from the teachers AND the staff, not only is he floating, he's on top of the world! I started taking my kids to swim school years ago with the intent to 'just get them water-safe.' After a year and a half at Waterworks, I continue to go week after week because my kids simply LOVE IT and watching them...so do I.