My son is 6 years old and has been taking swim lessons here and there since he was 2. Redondo union... Akai swim... some private ones...none of them was very successful, and at redondo union the instructor even put him in a time out because he was afraid to put his face in the water. He recently had a bad experience with a lesson that made him never want to go back. He has never swam and is still fearful of putting his face in the water.

Mary Jane at Water works was soooooo patient, gentle and kind with him. He didn't want to even get in the water and was so scared at the beginning of our private lesson. Mary Jane was so sweet, positive, that by the end of the lesson he was floating on his back and so proud of himself. After the lesson he asked when he could go back and see Mary Jane again.

LA fitness was super nice too. The lady at the front desk offered us to use the kids club bathroom to change in, and even said we could rinse off in the shower was long as we didn't go into the locker room. Changing in the pop up tent didn't bother us though, so we didn't take her up on it.

Love that it's in doors too, no sunscreen needed! And the email customer service is amazing. They are so helpful and very prompt with responding.