We're very happy to have found this swim school for my five year old son. We've been going for almost two months and my son has progressed so much. While he was somewhat comfortable with water when we first started lessons, he has quickly progressed to floating independently and being able to swim/float quite a distance on the pool. Our instructor Charlie is great, he's very patient and gentle with my son and tries to make the class fun for him which I appreciate since my son is a bit more timid. I can tell my son likes him and has developed trust in him because he looks forward to his swim classes.

Other perks: it's indoors (LA Fitness pool) although the fact that we're not supposed to use the changing rooms is a bit inconvenient; online system makes it easy to schedule classes; cancellation policy is quite generous.

I know a few other families taking classes here and we're all very satisfied with this program. I've recommended to several parents already.