Pearl M.

I have been taking my two girls to Waterworks since August. I cannot even express how happy I am with this swim school. Before Waterworks we were attending Australian Swim School for over a year and before that we went to Water Safe. I feel that my girls have progressed so much more in the last 3 months then they did in the past year and a half. The instructors are very professional and are determined to have the students achieve their best and still have fun. It has seemed to me in other swim schools they keep students in the same level for a very long time so they can make more money. At that point, the kids start getting bored and lose their confidence since they are still not able to swim at all but have been doing the same thing over and over in the past year. Therefore it becomes more of a business and less about the kids. Also, I love that the facilities have (showers, hair dryers etc) and my girls love the free play time that they have in the pool either before or after the lesson. The bonus licorice at the end of class for the kids is yummy! Overall, I feel that my kids have made a great progress and I am really happy with this swim school:)