Mary Ann B.

On Sunday May 16th we celebrated my daughter Mia's 9th birthday party at Waterworks. This year I was looking to do something "different" for her and found your place on the Internet. Mia and I watched the birthday video and she was immediately "sold". I had spoken to Liz over the phone a couple times and right away was impressed with how organized the party planning went. Waterworks made it so easy from the beginning, with the party video, to providing options of nearby restaurants to choose from, even down to the directions from the surrounding areas. When we arrived to set up for the party Liz was right there to greet us. She was eager to help, not only did she open the side gate to make our unloading convenient, she quickly met us at our car to help us unload our things. She even helped me put tablecloths on the tables and filled the chip bowls, unbelievable! She explained how the party was going to flow and made sure if we needed anything to let her know. She checked in with us throughout the party and even reminded me I had salads in the fridge. Chris ran the games for the kids, he made them fun and kept them interesting. Even the parents seemed to enjoy them. We also noticed another lifeguard actually in the pool entertaining the youngest kids while they clung to him. (Unfortunately I didn't get his name, he has black spiky hair). When it came time to clean up, my husband asked for some trash bags which they had refused, by reminding him they do the clean up too! Yup, they carried all our stuff out to our car and had the place cleaned up by the time we were pulling out of the driveway. My husband and I have yet to put on a party that disappoints, but this one definitely out did the rest! Our expectations were exceeded while we sat poolside enjoying our daughter's party. When it comes to party planning Waterworks, you guys sure know your stuff. Teamwork and communication is what we experienced on Sunday. Hats off to everyone involved in making our daughter's 9th birthday an unforgettable day. We're looking forward to another day at Waterworks Aquatics!