M E.

my son was not ready to be in a pool w a group of kids and an instructor. hes used to having a parent w him and half the time he was goofing off so i was not about to put him in a class w a bunch of kids.

the instructors are all patient and wonderful w the kids (from what i have observed). the one on one is great! my kid went from not passing basic baby skills to going to level 5 in roughly 22 sessions. id really like to see more chairs as some days its really crowded. we will be continuing year round! o and of course its indoor so we are protected from the sun!

the only issue i have was w the online scheduling. the first time doing it was confusing and kept timing me out. so i called and did it over the phone and it worked out. dont know what the deal was but now i have no problem purchasing more, canceling or scheduling.