Kim F.

My son started lessons again this year when he was almost 8. He had a bad experience at a different school a couple of years ago and has been terrified (literally) of putting his head in the water. We started with Tina who had a gentle nature and got him comfortable and then moved to Greg who was more firm but still very supportive. In no time, Chris was swimming the length of the pool, diving off the side, swimming to the bottom to pick up rings and asking if he can keep going even after summer is over. At the beginning of the summer, I wasn't sure if that was possible.

My 4 year old daughter, my stubborn one and master negotiator, also began with Tina and moved onto Megan who is also firmer. She too is now going the lengths and loves the water and is even getting WOW awards.

I would also like to commend Vanessa and the rest of the staff. She was there to help support the teachers, give a little extra one on one time with Chris and Jamie, and find us the right people. Essentially, she was determined we would have a good experience and my kids would learn to swim. Waterworks has achieved that and more.

My experience is that while this is a business, their primary goal is to get kids to swim, enjoy swim and make sure everyone (including parents) have a positive experience!

Finally I will say the facility is clean, the staff is very friendly, the computer system is great for managing classes and the quality of instruction is superior.