Katherine H.

Our family has been using Waterworks for almost a year, and we are extremely happy with the results! My 4 year old son has gone from not knowing how to swim to swimming all 4 strokes and joining Nova swim team. My daughter who is 7 has overcome an intense fear of the deep end to a love for the pool and has also learned all of the strokes and joined Nova. Christine is a superb instructor; no nonsense but kind, strict but sweet. She gets the kids to focus and squeezes every last second out of that 20 minutes! The kids love swimming in the play pool after and splashing around. The meets are very well-run and award every participant a ribbon which is a great motivator for new and newly competitive swimmers. Your swimmer gets a trophy when she/he has received a certain # of ribbons- my son got his first one today and was so proud he said, 'Mommy, this feels like a dream!'. I don't believe there is a better place to learn to swim.