Katherine B

We are so profoundly pleased with the staff and location at the San Jose site. We have been there for 2 yrs off/on with lessons and I come for lap swim regularly during the week. I have ALWAYS had a cheerful voice and warm smile greet me and my family. Every instructor always has the best interest in mind (and it shows!) for the kids, and all areas are squeaky clean every time. Anytime changes have been made their communication is quick, clear and smooth. This is certainly another of your very STRONG points.

Thank you to all of you for working so hard so that our girls are ecstatic about water! I recommend your facility often to families I meet...you earn Top Swim facility in Silicon Valley, and probably the Bay Area in my book. Knowing how to swim and survive in the water is such a crucial life skill and we have never regretted the cost invested in your facility, especially when we see how much fun the kids have now :)

BIG high fives to the instructors we have had: Francisco (you had them from crying to laughter in under 20 min the 1st lesson!), Hector, Samantha, Mario...and our subs have always kept things going without a hiccup!