Jaya C.

'I am an adult beginner and I cannot say enough nice things about Waterworks. I was petrified about being in the water because of a scary incident when I was a kid. I admit I am still nervous about being in the water at the deep end after 8 classes but I am quite confident that I can handle myself in an emergency if needed. I was absolutely sure I could not float on my back before I started lessons, but at the end of the first lesson with Caz, I was actually doing back floats! I cannot describe the elation! I have also had lessons from Ryan and Tim and they are great! Tim coaxed me into the deep end yesterday and even held my hand as convinced me to get under water at the deep end. The entire time, he was incredibly encouraging. Rightly so, he explained the importance of psychology and the power of the mind during swimming. My daughters take lessons with Elva and she's excellent as well. Elva has again helped my 6 year old with her confidence level in just a few classes - my daughter now has advanced a couple of levels very quickly. She used to not to be able to be in the water without an instructor by her side at the 'other' swim place. At Waterworks, in just a couple of classes, she learned to do back floats which has helped her confidence a lot. The pace at which she is learning has been quite surprising.

About the facility, the staff is very polite and accommodating. They do a great job with re-scheduling classes if needed. The facility itself is at a perfect location for me. The showers/bathrooms are clean and private. I plan to keep up with my swimming with a lap swim pass when I am confident enough to not need lessons any more. I absolutely plan to have my girls in swim meets and swim competitions when they are ready as well.

I would highly recommend Waterworks to my friends! '