Jasmine C.

We love Waterworks. We started to send my daughter to swimming lessons at a different pool when she was 3 but didn't get any result (too many other kids in the lesson), so I decided to teach her myself for a year, but still got no progress at all. She didn't even feel comfortable to put her head into the water.
Then it was amazing when my daughter fell in love with water at the first class with Toni, and she has been with her for a year now, making incredible progress. She is like a fish in the water.

I love the front desk members too. They are all very nice and easy to approach, and we always get answers to our questions either in person or by phone all the time. I would especially like to thank Jesse and Jessica, who are so dedicated to helping out with scheduling lessons. Love you guys.

Also, the facility is amazingly clean and the temperature is always so comfortable especially in winter time. You don't even need to bring your own hair dryer, everything is neat and well set.

I have been referring so many of my friends, and they all feel the same way. Hope this works for you too.