Jamie F.

I am so very happy with Waterworks ! My 6 year old daughter has been very hard to teach to swim due to a very large fear of water on her face. We thought we had tried everything to get her past this but her fears had got so bad she would freak out even in the bathtub getting her hair washed making such an everyday task a real problem. By the end of the very 1st lesson she was voluntarily putting her face in the water and pushing off the wall to go to her instructor! By the 3rd lesson she was confidently floating on her back all by herself! Her attitude now about the water is totally changed and though she does still have to have encouragement to work through her fear she is able to swim several strokes and then float on her back when tired. We just bought a second package and have our 8th lesson this week. I can't believe the difference, thank you instructor Tracy !! Also, the little swim/play area for the kids before and after the lesson makes such a big difference and the other big swim center in the area does not have this. And the place is always very clean including the bathroom and showers and this is a big deal to me. They even have little wall seats for babies so I can put my 9 month in that while I assist my older daughter. I can't wait to do mommy and me classes there with my little one later this year!