Heather K.

My son has been going to Waterworks for a year now. I've always liked our experience there. The front desk staff is excellent and friendly when you walk in. The teachers that we've had have been excellent and very knowledgeable, as well as understanding when the one year old cries! Scheduling and make-ups are super easy and they call when there are any changes to the teacher or schedule.

But yesterday when we walked in, I had a wonderful feeling. As my son and I were walking to get changed his regular teacher (Caitlyn! Amazing, by the way!!) saw us come in and greeted my son by name. He got a huge smile and waved back at her. I have always felt comfortable at Waterworks, but this simple act and greeting my son made his day and mine!

I should also add that it is worth the drive from wherever you are coming from. We drive 25-30 with rush hour traffic, and I wouldn't change that. The experience is worth it!