Gemma R.

We are so glad we found Waterworks Swim School. Prior to Waterworks, we would do those summer boot camps that would yield a small amount of progress and then be back at step one the following summer. Year round swim had seemed so expensive but then Waterworks opened up in or local LA Fitness and we found the pricing to be more than reasonable so we gave it a try and never looked back! One of the biggest pros compared to other swim programs we tried is the ease and flexibility of scheduling. You don't have to commit to the same time slot forever and if you need to reschedule you can do it all online without losing any classes. But even with all the above taken into account, the program wouldn't be worth it without amazing instructors. My experience with all the instructors has been great, but we have to give a major shout out to our favorite: Melanie. I have two very different children: one who loves the water, tries anything, and is progressing at an incredible rate, and the other who is shy, stubborn, and fearful. Melanie is able to change her approach for each of them and has gained the complete trust of both my girls and myself.