Betty Y.

This is the first and only swim school that we've tried for our daughter. She started with Ms Stefani last August, and she is still our teacher. I didn't try other teachers, but why mess up a good thing. She's really great and so patient. It's a perfect balance of being firm and also making it fun.

We started as complete beginners to swimming, and since then, my daughter is completely water safe and enjoys being in the pool without any fear. It's really amazing the progress she's made. She was actually water safe after about a month into lessons, but we've kept the lessons going because we want our daughter to be better at swimming over all for her own safety.

The scheduling is easy, and make up lessons are also flexible. The best part is the online tool that gives you the ability to do any changes you need. The online chat lady is also very helpful.

We looked into the immersion 2 week swim options, but decided that a weekly consistent schedule would be better.

I'm sure any of the teachers are great.