Ardenwoods D.

As a former competitive swimmer, I have seen a few pools in my day. This one is clean. Super clean. Cleanliness and Instructor competence should be two of a parents main concerns when selecting a location. Pasadena Waterworks gets 5 stars for both. We have a glorious instructor who is taking time to rework the basics and address form with our learning 7 year old swimmer. It is a true art form to teach a kid who could become uncooperative or frightened at any moment. 20 Minutes may seem like a small amount of time-but it is a chosen time because to truly sink an idea in-small repetitive bits work best when it comes to learning to swim. We do back to back lessons in order to keep the repetition. Nadine at the front desk is a glorious breath of fresh air. She is a caring and organized presence who will address concerns immediately. I have eavesdropped on a few kiddos getting lessons and the vibe is the same all over the pool area-gentle, firm and caring. Learning to be pool safe is no joke-and the whole operation takes this idea seriously. If you have had a bad experience I recommend either trying a new instructor or knowing that pool safety sometimes is not all warm and fuzzy, but a serious and real skill all humans should learn-especially the younger variety.