Allison P.

Thank you Waterworks Aquatics (Bascom location) for hosting a fantastic birthday party for my daughter. We just had her 8th birthday this past Saturday (09/10/2016 ) and rented out Pool #2 which is the larger pool in the venue. It goes up to 7 feet. Our party had about 28 kids (ages 1 – 8) and one high-schooler swimming with us. We had about 15 adults in the pool as well. Our entire party was about 60 people and not every parent went into the pool. The coordination of reserving the venue and time / place was easy and smooth. It was all done online, via email and a few phone calls with the birthday coordinator (Lisa Mari). She answered all of my questions and provided suggestions on which pool to reserve depending the swim levels of the kids. Lisa Mari was able to answer all my questions re: the venue, the schedule of the events and how much time to reserve. She was a pleasure to work with b/c she’s very professional, customer centric, responds timely to your requests and was able to provide her feedback. I really appreciated the time she took to answer my questions. Thank you Lisa Marie for your help in making my daughter’s birthday a success and being very responsive to my questions and delivering high quality customer services in every interaction we had (via email and phone call). It was a pleasure working with you. You made the entire process easy! The day of the party was fantastic, Jesse and Sareh were there to welcome my family and myself. They helped clear away the space for our tables and helped unload our car. Jesse was great at making sure the birthday party ran smoothly. The last swim lesson ended at 5:00 pm and by 5:01 our guests were already eager to jump in the pool and since they had cleared the swim lanes and the registration and signing of waivers, getting wristband went by fast and so efficient by the front desk – our guests were in the pool by 5:01. =) Jesse and team – thank for your help the entire day to make sure everything ran smoothly. I really appreciate that because I was able to enjoy and swim at the party. They supplied our party with inflatable toys, floating toys and floating mats. All those toys were available for us for our party for the entire time. Feedback on the safety of the guests: The entire time, I felt the lifeguards on duty to support our birthday party were hawks. They watched the kids who were jumping off the diving boards onto the deep end and make sure they were safe. I really felt safe and the parents felt safe with the amount of attention the lifeguards placed on making sure our kids were safe in the pool. Thank you for being our “eyes” and watching our kids in the pool. The 3 male gentlemen lifeguards (Marco, Alejandro and Ricardo) who were at the pool with us really did a great job entertaining the kids. Even the kids that were apprehensive of being in the pool and in the water, the lifeguards made them feel comfortable to be in the water. I really enjoy the games they played the kids. I know from the amount of squeals and laughter from the kids during the games, they were having an amazing time. Thank you to the 3 lifeguards that were there to watch and entertain our kids. You guys did an amazing job keeping them safe and laughing the entire time. Thank you Jesse and the lifeguards for keeping our kids safe, entertain the kids during the games portion and just being present and alert and making the entire party FUN. I really appreciate that. The facility was very clean in all areas: showers, changing rooms and bathrooms. This is after a full day of many swim lessons and swimmers using those facilities. There were enough showers we didn’t have to wait in lines and blow dryers are there as well.

The entire staff and customer service experience at Waterworks was excellent! From booking the party to the end of the party, we have a fantastic time. It was a really great, smooth, easy, fun experience and I really appreciate the staff at waterworks for being amazing and just being responsible for their tasks, being professional, being customer focused and customer centric, keeping our guests safe and allowing me to enjoy my daughter’s party. You guys really hit it out of the park!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic experience. I had one parent already looking into booking her son’s party.

Overall, a really great experience from start to finish.