Aileen B.

I have taken a total of seven adult swimming lessons in my life and the last three have been with Charlie. In those three successful lessons, I gained the confidence and trust in myself that I can swim - all THANKS to Charlie. I was able to swim across the pool at my third lesson (very huge for me)!!! He makes learning to swim enjoyable. He has a ton of patience and believes in you. I have so much more to learn and I look forward to many more lessons with him.

Not only does he teach adult swim lessons, I have seen him give lessons to young children before my lesson begins. He is great with them and the kids love him. I could see the parents very pleased with how much their kids learn from him.

Charlie stands out because he not only loves what he does, but he is a great listener. If anyone is looking for an amazing swim instructor, I hands-down recommend him. You will not be disappointed.