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Schedule Your Water Safety Presentation Today!

Summer activities are beginning to wrap up, but staying safe by the water is an all-year long commitment! Our Waterworks Aquatics locations offer Water Safety Presentations to local schools and organizations - here’s how you can take advantage of the offer.

Before we start, the possible presentations include:

  • Safety at the Beach: Back-to-basics guide on dangers at the beach, like riptides and poisonous coral.
  • Water Heroes: An introduction to the jobs of swim instructors and lifeguards - and, for older kids, how to become either.
  • Water and Ocean Safety: A guide on the four basic strokes and some tips for staying safe around water in general.


These Presentations are very easy to book through our website, by email, or by phone. Our certified professionals will come to your facility to hold a presentation of your choice. Whether it’s at your next weekly mom’s club meeting or in a classroom, we look forward to teaching your children the importance of Water Safety.


Here’s a few examples of organizations that we love helping out:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Pre-K and Private Schools
  • After-school Programs
  • Mom’s Clubs
  • Churches
  • Neighborhood Swim Teams
  • Other Community Groups
  • Anyone else that wants to help spread awareness about water safety!


During a fun, easy-to-understand 20-30 minute session, our highly interactive presentations will keep the kids engaged and the parents learning! Your little ones will earn prizes by participation while also learning basic rules for the pool and the beach, or for more advanced groups how they might become lifeguards themselves!


If you’re still feeling unsure, remember that there’s a ton of benefits to learning how to swim early on in life, and therefore also to staying safe around the water! Not only will learning the rules and skills early help to reduce the threat of drowning, but swimming at a young age is linked to more intelligent, and stronger, children throughout their youth. We’d love to talk more about it, and you can reach us your designated regions number below or email info@waterworksswim.com. We look forward to speaking with you soon!