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The Common Misconception of Drowning

We know when it comes to drowning this could be a bit of a tough subject to speak about.

We want to share this article with our friends and family, so you could get an idea of the correct terms used to explain when someone is drowning.

There have been a few words used in the past that have been used to describe drowning, which are incorrect and seem to scare and confuse a lot of families. The following terms for drowning are all incorrect: dry-, wet-, near-, silent-, and secondary drowning. We need to stop using these terms when talking about drowning. Not only is it in correct it also puts families in unnecessary fear. Here is what Mr. Brewster from American Lifeguard Magazine had to say on the topic: http://www.aquaticsintl.com/lifeguards/dry-drowning-and-other-misnomers_o

We do hope this article helps explain the differences when drowning. Water safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Waterworks Aquatics and we pride ourselves in educating our local community.

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