Swim Library

Year of Donations


Here at Waterworks, we care for your children and are committed to supporting our local community. We want to educate people of all ages to be safer in the water and learn proper swimming technique.

In 2017, we were pleased to donate over 500 lessons to local charities, school fundraisers, and non-profit organizations. We are grateful to all those who are making a positive impact in their communities. We look forward to serving even more groups and organizations in the 2018 year!

If you have a fundraising auction coming up, please apply for a donation through emailing us at: outreach@waterworksswim.com

Thank you for your interest!

To enroll your child now for swim lessons please visit www.waterworksswimonline.com. If you have any questions please give Waterworks Aquatics a call at 949-450-0777 or explore our site for more answers. There are twenty Waterworks locations throughout California and Colorado.