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5 Fun and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is right around the corner and children’s costumes can be so expensive! So Waterworks would like to provide a few easy and creative costume ideas for your child! Check out the examples below for some quick, last minute ideas you can create with your family.


A little orange, white, and black face paint turns any child into a ferocious tiger! Dressing your child up as their favorite animal is an easy Halloween costume. All you’ll need is some colorful face paint, animal ears, and maybe a tail!

Old Folks

I’m sure you don’t want to see your little ones grow up just yet, but having your child dress up as a grandparent is an adorable costume idea. All you need is a walker or a small cane, and an inexpensive gray or white wig. You could even make a wig out of cotton balls!


This is one Halloween outfit that never gets old and it’s so easy! All kids, all ages look cute in a pumpkin costume! You’ll need a pumpkin sweatshirt or shirt! Maybe even a little pumpkin hat to complete the look.


This costume will have your kids feeling invincible! Cheap, colorful masks can be found almost anywhere and a cape can be made with fabric and Velcro. You can even let the kids dream up with superpowers and help them decorate their masks!

Scuba Diver

This one might sound complicated, but it’s easy and unique! All you need is a black shirt and black pants, some swimming goggles, and two 2-liter bottles as the oxygen tank! You can paint the two 2-liter bottles any color and with some black tape and string, they are worn as an oxygen tank on your child’s back – just like a scuba diver! Take a look at the examples above. Your little adventurers will be ready to dive into their Halloween candy bags!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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