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Lap Swim at Waterworks

Just keep swimming!

Waterworks Aquatics offers lap swim for adults, all year round! Lap swim can take place in our heated indoor or outdoor pools (depending on the location and time). Come swim during your lunch break at work or stop by on the weekends to get a work-out in!

Please select from the choices below to take a look at our lap swim information according to location:

[su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/Huntington_Beach/lapswim" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]Huntington Beach[/su_button] [su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/lapswim" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]Irvine[/su_button] [su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/carlsbad/lapswim/" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]Carlsbad[/su_button] [su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/la/lapswim/" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]Beverly Hills[/su_button] [su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/pasadena/lapswim/" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]Pasadena[/su_button] [su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/Sierra_Madre/lapswim/" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]Sierra Madre[/su_button] [su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/san_jose/lapswim/" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]San Jose[/su_button] [su_button url="http://waterworksswim.com/HighlandsRanch/lapswim/" center="no" title="Lap Swim Info"]Highlands Ranch[/su_button]

If you have any questions on the availability for lap swim, please call us at 949-450-0777.

To enroll your child now for swim lessons please visit www.waterworksswimonline.com. If you have any questions please give Waterworks Aquatics a call at 949-450-0777 or explore our site for more answers. There are twenty Waterworks locations throughout California and Colorado.