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Escape The Cold with Our Indoor Heated Pools

As the outside temperatures drop, it seems like there are few options to stay active. One great choice that is still available is escaping the cold through our heated indoor pools. At Waterworks Aquatics we keep our pools at a cozy 88-93 degrees year-round. Meaning no matter what the temperature is outside, a trip to our pools will always be enjoyable.

We maintain warm temperatures to keep lessons comfortable and optimal for student progress. And the comfort doesn’t end at the rim of the pool! Our pools are indoors so that when you jump out of the water you are greeted by heated air rather than the nip of the winter cold. We keep the facility nice and warm through heaters so that bystanders and wet children remain comfortable.

So next time air is chilly please feel free to come visit us. We will be sure to greet you with warm smiles.