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Michael Berry - Team Member Award for the October Quarter (Huntington Beach)


Waterworks Aquatics HB wants to offer congratulations to Michael Berry for being chosen for our team member award for the October quarter.

The team member award is given to the person whom best exemplifies the four core values of Waterworks Aquatics: passion, approachability, adaptability, and self-responsibility. Along with an excellent demonstration of our core values, the chosen team member would also demonstrate reliability, be able to boost morale within our facility, be able to demonstrate lasting connections with families in the facility and go above and beyond in their daily work.

Michael is 18 years old and a newer member of our Waterworks Aquatics HB family. He was born and raised in Garden Grove, CA and is currently living in Anaheim, CA. He attends school at Orange Coast Community College where he studies business. Michael's goal in life is to be successful in a job he loves going to every day. With a degree in business, he hopes to own his own rave company, gaining the ability to make people happy by organizing and providing concerts featuring a large variety of DJs.

In his free time, Michael loves to practice "gloving". Gloving is a form of modern dance that used fingertip LED lights to accentuate hand and digit movement. He also loves to play his PS4, go hiking, and go on any adventure with his friends.

Michael loves working at Waterworks Aquatics because it's always changing. He loves that his kids are constantly growing and learning something new. He also loves forming lasting relationships with his kids and their families. His favorite type of class to teach are the higher levels (level 8 and above) because he loves working on the more advanced techniques of swimming. He also loves hyper kids to match his outgoing personality, but loves the shy kids because he loves to "bring them out of their shells".

A fun fact about Michael is that he is colorblind, but his favorite color is blue even though he can't see it. When asked what he wants in life, he replied, "to be better than the person I was yesterday".

Congratulations Michael Berry!