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Back to School Promotion Returns

Our Back to School Promotion Returns

The weather is cooling down, Labor Day weekend past, and every store has their back to school banners waving. All tell-tale signs of the start of school. Bringing life back to schools. Children’s laughter will fill up the schoolyards, the smell of peanut butter and jelly will waft through the cafeterias, and the sense of accomplishment will reinvigorate students. Waterworks Aquatics loves the Back to School season because it promotes learning. That is why we offer our Back to School promotion, to complement the school’s curriculum with lessons in a lifelong skill schools don’t teach, swimming. Our promotion is that if you buy a lesson package of 18 lessons or more and you will receive FREE lessons. With this promotion, depending on the lesson package, you can earn 6 free lessons. Some restrictions apply. Waterworks Aquatics offers free makeup classes to fit well around that busy school schedule. Make sure your child has his/her extra-curricular activities set and schedule swim lessons today.

Back to School