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Happy Memorial Day

Waterworks Aquatics is a proud supporter of our armed forces. All swim lessons at Waterworks Aquatics locations are 10% OFF for Active Miliary.
While all military branches are honored and respected for their services to this country we’d like to highlight the US Navy Seals for their bravery, honor, and respect for the water. The US Navy Seal name comes from the fact that their operations normally take place in the SEa, Air, and Land. They branch was started as US Scouts and Raiders specializing their maritime and military skills to defend our country’s coastlines and to be efficiently offensive on coastline and sea based breaches as well. In 1942 the Amphibious Scout and Raider School was established in Fort Pierce, Florida in response to the attacks on Pearl Harbor during World War II. Since then the unit has evolved in the US Navy Seals. All Seals spend extensive time training in and out of the water. Their bodies to be in the most elite physical shape to ensure their safety during their missions. Floating and water safety is of utmost importance in their training because so many of their missions are water based.

Two training techniques that US Navy Seals use during training that can help Waterworks students worth highlighting are;Setting Goals: It is important to set goals during strenuous physical activity because it gives one’s self a mental checklist of their achievements. Even small achievements are worth celebrating for extra boosts in motivation!

Positive Self-Motivation: US Navy Seals train under extreme amounts of simulated stress and pressure making it very hard to stay calm and positive. It is important to use positive terms and statements as words of inward mental encouragement during any training. Do not beat yourself up if you cannot make it over a hurdle in a lessons or life. Talk yourself up because you are your own champion! Many members of the US Military branches spend long periods of time away from their families. At Waterworks Aquatics we value quality family time and activities. Our best wishes go out to every one serving that cannot spend time with their families on this day. Hang your flags high on Monday, May 30th!

Written by: Daniel Pantronilo