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Water Safety Day


At Waterworks Aquatics Swim School we are spending the month of May honoring National Safety Month! Swimming and other water-based recreational sports are extremely popular in the United States so it is very important to make sure that our loved ones are prepared for their fun in the water. At our school our swim coaches lead every new lessons with safety instructions. With some preparation and respect for the water our families can have fun in a healthy and safe environment. We'd like to bring you the Top 5 tips from the International Swimming Hall of Fame in regards to water safety.

1. Do not leave objects like pool toys in your home pool. This might lure your children into the water when you are not observing them.
2. Enclose your pool with a full surrounding fence that stands at least 5 feet tall. This fence should have gates that latch shut. This fence should serve as a barrier between your yard and your pool.
3.Teach your children water safety and water skills as early as possible. At Waterworks Aquatics your children can start as early as 3-months old!
4. Post CPR instructions and diagrams in a visible place near the pool.
5. Keep pool rescue equipment pool side. This equipment should not be locked up, instead it should be easily accessible.

In honor of Water Safety Month our location in Irvine, CA will be having a Water-Safety Day on Sunday, May 15th, 2016. This event will take place from 3p-6p and will be open to all families! Waterworks Aquatics will have bounce houses, face painting, and mermaids in the pools during open pool hours! The Irvine Fire Department will also provide a mock drowning demonstration and fire truck tours! Stop by and visit with community sponsors for further Water Safety Month information. For more information visit waterworksswim.com!