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Instructor Highlight

At Waterworks Aquatics all of our instructors have experience in the water before working for this company. One of Pasadena's strongest Senior Instructors, Wyatt Ellison, is a great trainer that leads with example. Wyatt was hired at Waterworks Aquatics a few years ago at the same time as his twin brother. Wyatt Ellison is attending American Career College to major in Medical Billing. He finds passion and purpose in helping people in anyway he can. He joined the swim team in High School for 2 years and discovered his love and respect for the water. Prior to Waterworks Aquatics, Wyatt worked at an after school program at a local elementary school for 2 years. This experience gave him the background he needed to be caring and understanding with children of all temperaments. Wyatt surrounds himself with positive people and is always on the lookout for another life he can touch. He currently helps babysit his younger cousins as well. At Waterworks Aquatics Wyatt is one of the many trainers that has many skill sets. On location he is sometimes referred to as a "jack of all trades". Aside from private lessons, Wyatt also teaches Parent and Me classes, he shadows other instructors to help them hone their teaching skills, and he teaches the most popular aerobics classes in Pasadena. On his free time Wyatt involves himself in singing, dancing, and yoga. Yoga entering his life has helped give Wyatt great ideas to bring into the pool. A calm and easy going attitude with stocked energy ready for use is definitely a big personality trait of his. A great example of Wyatt's spirit is when he started a conga line throughout the pool mid lesson. He started dancing and began the line. Children, instructors, office staff, and parents all joined in. This high energy enthusiasm is common at Waterworks Aquatics and Wyatt Ellison does an amazing job at sparking moments like this. Check out waterworksswim.com for more instructor biographies for all of our amazing trainers!

Written by: Daniel Patronilo