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April brings us spring and the start of warm weather. Spring cleaning is a common practice in the spirit of starting anew. April is a great month for progress and change for the better. This time of year is perfect for getting ready for summer weather and being in the water. The Centers Of Disease Control And Prevention have stated that 33% of adults do not have the ability to swim across a standard twenty five yard pool. More than ten adults drown in the United States every day. That means a third of adults in this country cannot be considered "water safe". At Waterworks Aquatics we take pride in the ability to provide swim lessons to people of all ages. Our instructors are trained to teach any age group at any level. It is very common for parents to watch their children succeed in the pool and then feel inspired to get in themselves and learn. Wouldn't it be nice to join your children in the pool for Family Fun Night or their birthday parties at the pool? Sign up for Adult Swim Lessons or Water Aerobics classes with Waterworks Aquatics at your nearest facility. If a person has put off learning to swim into their adulthood this is usually a result of an incident or deep fear of the water. Our swim instructors are very sympathetic to these reasons. Before even starting we talk about goals in the water, fears, worries, and general concerns. Similar to our children lessons we start with the basics. A simple back and front float which we then expand into the rest of the stroke skill sets. Private lessons will help adults become confident in the water much faster than learning in a group setting. Our trainers will cater to your personal needs in the water and make sure you are safe and comfortable. As an adult exercising in the water is a great plan for the future because as you get older it is important to think about muscles maintenance and joint security. Working out in the water is a joint-impact free option for exercise. Let's let our bodies last longer and stay healthy! Join your kids in the water this year and spread the word about Adult Learn To Swim Month!

Written by: Daniel Patronilo