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Top 5 Reasons to Swim at Waterworks Aquatics

1. Parent And Me Classes For Infants: At Waterworks Aquatics we offer Parent and Me swimming classes, also known as Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me, the instructor will facilitate the learning process between you and your child. Children can start as early as 3 months! These classes are a fun way to bond with your child in a safe and fun environment where learning and your child's safety is the mission. It's also a great way to make friends for your child and yourself!

2. Water Safety: Safety in the water is our number one priority at Waterworks Aquatics. Starting on day one we start teaching the importance of respecting the water. Children and adults learn a back float as one of the very first skill sets. Teaching this skill lets people know that floating on their back gives them a safe place to rest, breath easily, and conserve energy until help arrives. Among other important lessons like bubbles to prevent choking and the roll-over technique, Waterworks Aquatics has really great conditions to be comfortable while your child learns.

3. Our Pools Are Heated: Most children are afraid to enter the water for the first time. If the water is generally cold this process is harder. Our pools are heated to 92 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a comfortable temperature for children to learn without worried about being cold. Your infants will love the warm water!

4. Swim Competition: Swim competitions are a great place for young children to challenge themselves. Children compete with others in their same age group and skill level! Swim competitions are a great way to spend the weekend with your families while you watch your child earn ribbons and trophies for their hard work through lessons!

5. Stroke Clinic: Stroke clinic is a perfect blend between swim lessons and swim team. For kids gearing towards swim team this program is a great way for your child to fine tune their techniques. Our trainers lead a group during stoke clinic and work on proper muscle use and precision for each stroke.

6. Level Based Curriculum: Our curriculum is based on a 12 level system. Each level is broken down into skill sets so that children have check points along their progress for rewards! Every one of the 12 levels has important skills that build your child's skills into the four Olympic strokes; Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. Important safety like proper breathing, the roll-over, and back floating are also taught. In preparation for swim team each child gets to learn how to properly dive from a diving block as well! When a child completes a level they can pick a rewards out of our treasure box of toys!

7. Extensive Training Program For Instructors : Everyone of our instructors has a water background in some way shape or form. They also have all had prior experience with children. Each instructor graduates from an extensive ten day training program to learn the curriculum and skills to be a Waterworks Aquatics trainer. During their training process they participate in lessons with the water with children as they are shadowed by experienced trainers. Inquire in the career section on the website if you'd like to be a Waterworks Aquatics instructor!

8. Family Swim Night and Birthday Parties: Aside from teaching people how to swim Waterworks Aquatics hold family life very high in our interest. We offer Family Swim Nights at our locations where children can join their families in the water for fun with all our toys and flotation devices. Each Swim Night is monitored by lifeguards and we offer food and refreshments. Waterworks Aquatics is also a great place to hold a birthday party, we'll do all the clean up!

9. Compassion: At Waterworks Aquatics we care about family and growth in the water. We understand that life has it's twists and turns and sometimes work/home life can be hard. We like to provide a stress free environment where me make it as easy as possible for you to take a break from it all and enjoy some time in the pool with your loved ones. Our employees are compassionate and show empathy for your situations and can accommodate most problems. At the end of the day we want your child to excel in the water in a fun and hassle-free place!

10. Private Lessons: Most swim schools teach in a group setting with one instructor teaching several kids at one time. At Waterworks Aquatics we offer private lessons with an instructor that you can choose to give lessons one on one with you or your child. On our website we have biographies of each instructor at every location so you can find the best match for your children! Private lessons are more effective because your child will gain trust with their instructor in the first few lessons. This trust and attention will help them progress through their skills at a much faster rate. They'll also have more fun along the way!

Written by: Daniel Patronilo