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As students progress in the pool at Waterworks Aquatics we encourage families to participate in swim competitions. Once a child reaches level 5 in our curriculum they are eligible for swim competition. Our Waterworks facilities offer swim competitions one or two weekends out of every month. You can register your children online or by visiting/calling the office. Children who participate in these races usually tend to try harder during their lessons. Although the set up is a competitive race we offer awards and trophies not only to winners but to students who show improvement in their times. Students only race against other children in their level and age group so that they are not discouraged by more advanced swimmers. At Waterworks we notice that children who have fun at swim competition have extra incentive during their weekly lessons because they have something awarding to work towards. The event itself is also a great time for family to watch their child's progress, or for relatives to see the awesome skills your child has been developing. Parents can participate as timers which helps everyone stay involved. The whole event is a great community effort. Inquire at your local Waterworks Aquatics for student registration or at www.waterworksswim.com!

Members:$5 entry fee plus $3.00 per event. Non-members:$10 entry fee plus $3.00 per event.

Ribbons will be awarded to ALL participants. Time improvement ribbons will also be awarded to participants that have swum in a past meet and have achieved their personal best time. In addition, trophies will be awarded to swimmers that have received 15, 30, 50, 75,125, 200, and 300 ribbons (includes participant, placement and time improvement ribbons). *A COIN TOSS will be held at the close of the swim meet for all participants*
Happy swimming and best of luck at your child's next race!

Written by: Daniel Patronilo