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Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter With Your Toddler With Easter coming around the corner many families are looking for ways to spend the holiday with their toddlers and children. For families with toddlers it is nice to know that staying in for the holiday is not an uncommon practice. Friends and family usually understand that newborns do not like to travel very much so this makes it easier on Mom and Dad to have a nice quiet Easter in. At home there are plenty things to do to keep the family entertained. To remove the stress of planning travel with your baby invite extended family to your home! Plan an Easter potluck and have everyone bring a different dish. The younger children can dress up nicely or in fun costumes. There are plenty of options for cute outfits to dress your toddler in that range from Peeps costumes to fuzzy bunnies. The nice thing about having this get-together at home is that your child can be near their bed/crib for resting and the comfort of their own home. Easter offers a great time to take family photographs as well. Have the family dress up in nice attire for a family portrait. These can be done at home or at your local department store/photo studio. Priceless moments can be remembered in a great framed Easter photograph. Another great fun thing to do with the family is to plant something. Planting things together can be a great bonding experience. You can plant things in small pots at home and take of these plants together as they grow and bloom throughout the year or another great option is to reach out to your local park or nature center and ask about areas where you can plant something as well. Have each family member participate in putting a seed of their own into the soil and come up with a positive "intention" for the plant before covering the seed. Rebirth is a common theme during Easter even in households that aren't religious. Planting seeds can be a great symbol for that theme. If planting is too much work or too messy a simple visit to nature can get the same theme across for your family. A walk near the beach, the local park, or the local hiking area can be great options for this. Decorating eggs can be a very fun activity to do as well. Be prepared by stocking up on paints, eggs, and brushes. You can set up a decorating station at your home and spend tim with your family creating designs. Don't be afraid to make a mess when showing your children how to empty an egg and get it ready for painting. These messy moments can be your fondest memories in the future. A good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt is a must as well. You can hide eggs filled with treats all over your home and yards and have the kids find them. Make it exciting for them! Play music and follow them around and give them hints! Or better yet, bring your kids to Waterworks Easter Fun Night! At Easter Fun Night we open up the pools for families to come and play with their children in the pool. There are snacks and refreshments, tons of toys, an Easter Egg hunt, and we even put waterproof eggs in the pool for the kids to swim down to the bottom for! Our lifeguards and staff at Waterworks Aquatics will make sure your families have a safe and memorable Easter! Written by: Daniel Patronilo