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Top 5 Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means families and couples have already started their planning. For those of you with young children and babies that have not started planning yet we have some tips at Waterworks Aquatics that may help fill your day full of love and fun! Here is our top 5 things to do with your baby on Valentine's Day.

1. Play Dress Up: Parents love dressing their children up for different occasions. It is okay to do this with your child during the holiday of love. There are many children outfits decorated in pink and red with hearts and Cupid arrows. Have fun with what is available in local stores or create your own outfits! Celebrate your love for you family during this holiday by spending a little time on your toddler’s wardrobe to allow them to feel the love in the air.

2. Send Post Cards: At Waterworks Aquatics we send postcards to our families all year! We do this so that our students know that their efforts and progress during swim lessons are noticed. After dressing your child up in Valentine’s Day theme related attire take some photos of the your family. You can send these out to extended family members to remind them of the love in your household. This activity can also help you remember the love that surrounds your own home.

3. Decorate: Families at home can add simple decorations to their household that bring out the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can cut out hearts from colored paper with your family. String these hearts together with thread or fishing line and bond with your loved ones during this activity. You can also make Valentine's Day cards for each other and close friends.

4. Mommy/Dadddy Lunch Date: Plan a picnic or walk around the mall enjoying some ice cream! Plan a midday lunch to share quality family fun time.

5. Swimming at Waterworks Aquatics: Schedule a fun swim play date with your little one in the water! Enjoy some Dippin' Dots and a fun lunch date.

This is your day to celebrate all the love that makes your family special, so enjoy it! - Dan Patronilo