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Staying Warm In the Winter
When winter comes around most peoples stay clear of the water due to cold temperatures. Even though swimming in cold water can be uncomfortable there are steps one can take to ensure a more pleasant experience. During swim lessons at Waterworks Aquatics we advise our students with tips on how to be more comfortable in cold water when they’re outside of our heated pools. The easiest way to keep one’s self warm in cold water without using physical energy is to wear a wet suit. Wet suits can warm a body close to ten degrees Fahrenheit. A lot of heat can also escape through a person’s head. An easy way of containing that heat it by simply wearing a swim cap. Swim caps keep a student’s hair dry and will also hold in body heat making it easier to stay relaxed in the water. Upon entering the water there are steps a swimmer can take to adjust their body temperature quickly. Taking a deep breath and exhaling while entering the water will ease the shock of the cold temperature. When in the water wait about a minute and a half while the human body starts to circulate blood and oxygen to match body temperature to it’s environment’s temperature. Taking deep breaths only makes this process more effective. Picking up the pace of the lesson or activity in the water will also decrease the amount of time a person’s body will “feel” cold. The more exposure someone has to colder temperatures the quicker they will be assimilated to that environment. Thankfully at Waterworks Aquatics we have many facilities with heated pools. Parents, children, and adult students do not need to worry about cold water temperatures in our warm pools. For students in colder water; Waterworks Aquatics offers wet suit tops for children and adults to wear during lessons. You can purchase these warm wet suit tops directly from the Waterworks Aquatics website or by calling the office directly. Stay warm and happy swimming!
By: Dan Patronilo