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Heated Pools


What makes Waterworks Aquatics so unique? Highly Trained Swim Instructors? Check. Lessons Beginning at 3 Months? Check. Year-Round Indoor Heated Pools? You bet! Thats right each of our locations (excluding Sierra Madre) are equipt with indoor heated pools year-round. If you arrive early enough, our pools are steaming against the cool air. How inviting! We heat our pools to a comfortable 92 degrees. This is the perfect teaching temperature for any child aged 3 months and over. This regulation of temperature is vital to the health and vitality of the human body since it has been shown that those who swim in pools that are too cold have a high tendency to get sick on a consistent basis, especially when it comes to children. In addition, if your child is learning how to swim in a cold pool, they might not want to complete their instruction since they are not even comfortable to being with! Waterworks Aquatics provides a state of the art pool filtration system that allows us to maintain a clean and pleasant atmosphere. Our indoor pools are extremely easy to maintain. You won't be swimming through any leaves or dirt! Why would anyone take lessons outside anyway? No one likes applying sunscreen! What happens when it rains? Signing up for swimming lessons at an Indoor Swim School is essential to ensuring your child has a fun time in the water. If you have any questions about our indoor poools give us a call at 949-450-0777! "Learning it the right way, from the beginning"
Written By: Alex Meshot