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Bath Safety Month

Bath Tub Safety Parents focus a lot of time ensuring the safety of their children. A lot of energy can be directed toward being out in public or normal risky environments. It is very important that parents think about safety in their own homes as well. There are many places in a common household that injuries are more likely. According to the Nationwide Children’s organization 43,000 children need emergency medical treatment for shower and bathtub related injuries. It is important to be aware that a child can drown in a very small about of water. At Waterworks Aquatics we teach children how to blow bubbles early on during our swim lessons. This skill is extremely valuable if a child ends up face down in a shallow bathtub. It can help prevent them from swallowing any water while they are trying to get on their backs or while they wait for assistance. Parents should be aware of the temperature of water being used during bathing. Use lukewarm water to bathe children to prevent burns or scalds from hot water because children have more sensitive skin than adults do. Anti-scald devices are also available for attachment to the faucet or shower. This will turn off water flow in the event of the water temperature increasing to a dangerous degree. The safest and most comfortable bathing temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Children should never bath unsupervised by an adult. Be aware that young children are more top heavy because of the size and weight of their heads during development. This means that when they slip or fall their heads will usually make contact with the floor or other surfaces first. Because of the severely of head injuries during development always give your child something to hold on to while standing and moving in a shower or bath. The installation of handrails and the addition of slip resistant floor mats can be helpful in preventing such incidents. Mothers and fathers should be aware that child bathing seats do not prevent drowning. They offer a comfortable place for a child to relax but it still imperative for parents to never leave their child in one of these seats unsupervised. Keep in mind that appropriate clear lighting in a bathroom during all hours of the day is imperative to clear vision and safety. A great way to be prepared for any safety risk is to take swimming lessons at Waterworks Aquatics! Be safe and happy bathing! Written by: Daniel Patronilo