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Mom & Tot OC Swim Play Date

Waterworks Aquatics offers youth swim teams, summer swim camps, lap swimming, water aerobics, stroke clinics, birthday parties, and aquatic therapy, but one of our most popular programs is our Parent & Me Swim Play Date. In a fun, relaxed environment, skills are taught through repetition of songs and activities. The class emphasizes positive reinforcement and progress at a comfortable pace for you and your child. The class typically lasts about 1 hour and highlights the benefits of water safety and infant swimming for children ages 3 months to 3 years.

 Waterworks Aquatics Swim School in Irvine is privileged to be hosting Mom & Tot OC for a Parent & Me Swim Play Date, and we are excited at the opportunity to partner with the families of Orange County and offer a free Swim Date. Mom & Tot OC, is a unique group that welcomes toddlers, allows moms to exchange ideas and have adult conversations. Mom & Tot OC was founded and is led by Dawn Antis who started the group because they both shared the same vision….empowering new moms.. Therefore Waterworks Aquatics Swim School and Aquatic Therapy Center is excited to be hosting Mom & Tot OC for a Swim Play Date. If you have any interest in signing up for this Parent & Me Swim Play Date, please contact us at outreach@waterworksswim.com.

The Swim Play Date will be September 30, 2015 at 12 PM. Waterworks Aquatics will be offering this group a special promotion of Buy 12 Lessons, Receive 1 Free in recognition of its participation.