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How Many Lessons per Week?

Will student benefit from a longer swim class OR swimming multiple times per week instead?

Each of our swim lessons are 20 minutes in duration, along with some extra time in the play area, with each unique lesson developed around your swim skill level. If you follow our class length & ratio recommendation based on your student’s level then it is not recommended to add any extra time on to each class. Like all physical activity, swimming is both mentally and physically exhausting so any additional time added to the class will not lead to much more improvement. In fact swimming burns the most calories out of every cardio exercise. Therefore we strive to optimize our time and your time throughout the 20 minute swim lesson. Our swim instructors do an excellent job of taking notes on your child after each lesson. Therefore they can pick up right where they left off, however multiple classes per week will expedite this process.

What are the benefits of swimming multiple times per week?

Depending on your goals for your student, we may recommend swimming twice a week or more. By swimming multiple times a week, preferably with 2 or more days between classes, this will allow the student to swim every 3-4 days rather than every 7 days and they will therefore progress quicker. Again it is important not to exhaust your child and allow their interest in swimming to diminish. Swimming once a week is fantastic but part of each class will have to be spent reviewing what the student learned the previous week where if you swim multiple times per week the student can get right into progressions.