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One or Two Lessons per Week?

One of the many questions we receive at Waterworks Aquatics is, "How many lessons a week should we be taking?" Well the answer is, As many as you possibly can! However at a minimum we suggest at least two lessons per week. We would like to encourage our families that are coming once a week, to come twice per week with us.

This is very important for three main reasons:

  1. With week-long gaps in classes, we notice that an instructor will have to invest 5-10 minutes to re-establish what the child accomplished in the previous class.
  1. Taking a week in between lessons for a 3 year old can be equivalent to 6-8 weeks for an adult. Which means, it is more difficult for the student to adjust to each lesson especially if there is fear involved.
  1. Progress! Coming more times per week will increase the rate of progress and confidence the students have in the water.

Thank you for helping us achieve our mission of getting children to be safer in the water. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to an of our swim instructors or office staff.

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