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Turbo Swimmer of the Week

This week's Turbo Swimmer of the Week is Ella. Ella is only 5 years old but she is already a Level 7: Seal swimmer, meaning she can swim freestyle with only 3 second breathes, dive down to grab a ring, and swim backstroke without assistance. We chose Ella as this weeks Turbo Swimmer of the Week because she is always extremely excited to be taking lessons with Instructor Michael at Waterworks Aquatics in Irvine. Ella is continuously growing as a swimmer, although when she grows up she wants to be a firefighter. Her best friend forever is Halle her sister and they do everything together. Ella's favorite TV Show is Doc McStuffins and her favorite food is Mac n Cheese and Pizza. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite animal is the elephant. We asked her what the worst smell in the world is and she said stinky socks! If she had a super power she would want to be able to fly around like Tinkerbell and if she was invisible for a day she would play on your bike. Ella can hold her breathe underwater for 20 seconds. Her favorite part about being at Waterworks Aquatics is jumping off of the block and swimming. Michael is her favorite swim instructor at Waterworks Aquatics because he taught Ella how to swim and he is fun. Great job Ella and Congratulations on being named Turbo Swimmer of the Week!!