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Turbo Swimmer of the Week

This week for turbo swimmer of the week, we have not one BUT two turbo swimmers! Meet Richie and Phoebe Pham! They are both siblings who enjoy spending time together and are currently doing stroke clinic with Mr. Jeremy! Both Richie and Phoebe want to be doctor’s when they grow up. Richie wants to be a surgeon and Phoebe wants to heal people. Both their favorite movie is maleficent and their favorite food is sushi. Richie’s favorite color is yellow and Phoebe’s is green. If they had one super power, Richie’s would be super speed and Phoebe’s would be to heal people. They both have a favorite stuffed animal that they sleep with, Richie’s sleeps with a stuffed dog and Phoebe sleeps with a stuffed elephant. Both of them can also hold their breathe for 55 seconds and their favorite stroke to swim is freestyle.