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Facebook Check-In Contest | Free Swim Lessons!

Hello Colorado!

We hope everyone has had a great week so far! We hope everyone will have an even better week once they learn more about our Facebook Check-In Contest that gives our clients the chance to win up to 4 Free Swim Lessons*! Next time you are in for your swim lesson or perhaps a Family Swim Night (FSN) or swim team practice be sure to check-in on Facebook! Don't worry this is not an April Fools joke! We seriously weren't kidding when we last wrote about so much more upcoming fun coming up at Waterworks Aquatics Highlands Ranch. We encourage you to check-in every time you are at our facility so that your chances of winning are greater! Be sure to start checking-in immediately as this contest will be offered through Friday, April 17th!

Check out the official contest rules and details below!

While you are here for any reason (lesson, Family Swim Night, etc.) check-in on Facebook and show any member of our front desk team. A representative from our front desk team will then give you a ticket to fill out and put into our raffle! You can check-in every time you come to the facility so you have multiple chances to win!

1 First Place Winner will receive 4 Free Lessons*

2 Second Place Winners will receive 2 Free Lessons*

3 Third Place Winners will receive 1 Free Lesson*

*Swim lessons that are rewarded will be the same lesson type that you are currently in.*
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We wish everyone luck!!