Swim Library

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Easter Family Swim Night

     A BIG thanks to all who came to Waterworks’ grand opening ceremony! There was food, music, dancing and who can forget the swimming and Turbo! The ceremony started at 11 AM on March 20th and everyone was loving the warm waters, inflatable toys, pizza and snacks. Several of our little students chose to take a picture with Turbo. It’s possible, nay probable, that a HIGH FIVE world record was achieved that day.




















     On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with our Easter Family Swim Night by having a BIG egg hunt and jumping in the pool to cool off! It was a beautiful day and everyone was having a blast – thank you to everyone who joined us and Happy Easter!

     We’ve seen a great number of you guys so far this week and, from what is heard around Waterworks, everyone is really enjoying their lessons! The kids are learning how to swim safely and the instructors, myself included, love to teach them. Keep up the hard work Vaughn, Collin, Brynlee, Isaac, Lincoln, Chimpy, Austin, Wyatt and all of our wonderful students who are having fun in the water!



















     It truly is an honor, from everyone at Waterworks, to be greeted so warmly in the community of Highlands Ranch. The feedback from parents has been great to hear and the staff at Waterworks is only happy to help in whatever way we can. We’ve started lessons and hope to see many more of you at 8980 Barrons! Thank you to everyone who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony last week and Easter Family Swim Night!

P.S. Never forget about the ponies!