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Our Swim Instructors

One of the many advantages Waterworks Aquatics has over other swim schools is our highly trained Swim Instructors. We begin hiring for Swim Instructors who are 17 years of age or older. We try to recruit instructors who have previous swim experience and experience working with children. Most of our instructors have played water polo or swam on their high school or even college teams. Also, we require each Swim Instructor to get CPR and AED Certified before applying at Waterworks Aquatics.

Once our Swim Instructors pass the interview portion of employment, they begin training. Each instructor must complete 40 hours of training in the water along with 20 hours out of the water before they can begin teaching lessons. The 40 hours of training in the water is part of a program called "ITS" where children volunteer to be taught by both a Senior Swim Instructor and a Swim Instructor in training. The additional 20 hours of training consists of instructional videos on the computer where each Swim Instructor is required to take notes.

Our Swim Instructors are extremely important to us at Waterworks Aquatics for several reasons. They are a key component of our "Triangle of Communication" between the parents, the children and the instructor. This ensure a level of comfortability. Next we want our Swim Instructors to be highly trained and qualified to ensure our children are receiving the level of attention needed to quickly progress to the next level. We want our parents to witness their children accelerating from lesson to lesson and from level to level. In order to do this in the most efficient way possible, each instructor is required to take notes after each lesson. Each and every drill and skill that is taught is recorded and built upon during the next lesson. There is not any other swim school that has a system similar to this, which is why children have to quickest swimming progressions at Waterworks Aquatics!




















Written by: Alex Meshot