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Turbo's Swimmer of the Week: Will Walker

Will Walker is Turbo's Swimmer of the Week!! Will takes swim lessons at Waterworks Aquatics in Pasadena and is currently taking swim lessons with Instructor Wyatt. Will is only 7 years old, yet he is already a Level 5 swimmer, meaning he can swim Freestyle across the 25 yard pool. When Will grows up he wants to write and illustrate books. His best friend is his neighbor Jack and they hang out together everyday! His favorite TV Show is Food Adventures on the Travel Channel. His favorite food is salmon and his least favorite is quinoa. If Will had a super power he would be able to fly and the worst smell he has ever smelt is rotten eggs! Will can hold his breathe underwater for 32 seconds! Will loves swimming at Waterworks Aquatics and loves taking lessons with Wyatt because Wyatt makes his swim lessons so much fun. Great job Will!

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Written by: Alex Meshot